Parallel to our adventurous motorcycle trip from Alaska to Argentina we will do a series of Derby documentaries or Derby testimonies – > Derbymonies.

Follow us as we go looking for the American Derby spirit on our Pan American trip from Deadhorse/Prudhoe Bay in Alaska to Ushuaia in Argentina.Is there such a thing as a common Derby spirit? And why does Derby attract so many women with all kinds of backgrounds. I will interview Derby ladies whenever we meet a team and hear their version of the Derby spirit


Photo by Peter Troest


Derbymonies #1

Barracuda Barbie from Suckeye Sallys, Rage City Rollergirls, Anchorage, Alaska. Barbie was the first person we meet on our Pan American trip and she was a wonderful host. She opened her house to us, took us for a nice trip down the coast and gave us a lift up to Fairbanks. Her son A.G even let us sleep in his awesome hard metal poster covered room. Enjoy this clip of Barbie giving us her Derby story.











Derbymonies #2

Having fun in North Pole on the 4th of July for the parade. Angel Rood Cake from Fairbanks Rollergirls was there together with hapHAZard holiday, Emily Dontbother, Lydian Desiree Shorter Nelson, Sunny Bone Oh, Adrienne Serino, Tinsel Teaser and Jessica Ashmore Ballweg from the North Pole Babes in Toyland Roller Derby. These ladies are amazingly warm ad friendly and a lot of fun!












Angel Rood Cake from Fairbanks Rollergirls. Met her at the 4th of July parade in North Pole. Unfortunately I ran out of memory and didn’t get the last 2 minutes. A shame really cause Angel had some very interesting perspectives on Derby ad society. But don’t miss out on the first part anyways. She’s the sweetest thing and she has a kick ass tattoo in a place you would never guess! Watch Derbymonies #2



Derbymonies #3


Haphazard Holiday from from North Pole Babes in Toyland Roller Derby gave a amazing interview. I really wish I could have taped our entire conversation. This lady is simply amazing and have an incredible view on the world we live in and the obstacles in her own life. I was very inspired by this woman.



Derbymonies #4

Fairbanks Roller Derby Mindy Juliana – Bladeslinger


Derbymonies #5

Visiting the Yukon Roller Girls in Whitehorse, Canada. I got a chance to skate with them and hang out with them. Just lovely girls.












Derbymonies #5: Coming up!


Derbymonies #6

Skating with Erin & Natalia from West Yellowhead Roller Derby from Hinton, Alberta, Canada.













Erin is the founder of West Yellowhead Roller Derby and works really hard to make the team grow. She and Natalie showed us a really good time. Took me skating and afterwards to a karaoke bar, where Erin showed that she can do a hole lot more than skate and talk derby.






Derbymonies #7

We were there when Billings Roller Derby Dames met Electric City Roller Grrrls from Great Falls, Montana on Saturday August 27th.












In Billings I met a young lady Mckenzie Johnson Fredenberg from Electric City Roller Grrrls in Great Falls Montana. Mckenzie has some very interesting views on the derby spirit. Enjoy Derbymonies #7


Derbymonies #8

In Mexico we visited Roller Derby Guadalajara and got to train with them twice. Their team is only 6 months old but they are very dedicated. They train 4 times a week and have already bouted against the Mexico Df team. The girls were extremely welcoming and open towards us and they showed an awesome time in Guadalajara.

Derbymonies #8 Coming up


My Derby background: I was among the founders of Copenhagen Roller Derby, founded in September 2009. Today the team consists of 94 members. The team mission is to empower women and create a place for them to be athletic and competitive in a positive environment. Women of all levels, skills and sizes can join the team.  So far the team has played (boutet) 5 times against: Hamburg Harbor Girls, Royal Windsor Rollergirls, Gent Go-Go Rollergirls , Bedfordshire Roller Girls and Berlin Bombshells.

My Derby alias is Durakill Bunny and my skater number is #42. My names comes from an old nickname. When I snowboard, I jump up and down from pure excitement and I would never have tooo long lunch breaks. Just wanted to get out there in the off piste and go crazy. So people called me Duracell Bunny. The number 42 is “The Answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything” from the book “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. My favorite book and movie

If you are an American Derby lady I hope to meet you on our way to Argentina. Please hook up with me on facebook or send me an email:

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  1. Henriette says:

    Hi Quentin. Thanks a lot. Gotta love anything with wheels. Would love to meet your UK roller friend. Which leagues? We have played against 2 british teams last year.

  2. Love the idea of motorbike adventure and skating combined.

    If you ever come to the UK, I can introduce you to a few friends in Roller Derby teams.

    I love to follow your adventures.

    Love xx


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