WAUW! We are finally going! After 3 years of planning, preparing and talking about our Pan American adventure, we are finally packing our bags and getting ready for takeoff.

Are we ready?  Ush! Not sure. Busy getting everything done a work, finding a tenant for the apartment, selling the Beemer (my BMW), saying goodbye to friends and family and much much more. I have this feeling that I forgot a lot of things.

Let me present the new bikes:
The KLR (Kawasaki KLR650). A nice, almost new, KLR from Fairbanks, Alaska previously owned by Pastor Gary Cox. Uh nice! It’s blessed already!

The DR (Suzuki DR650) A pretty, almost new Suzuki from Fairbanks, Alaska. Previously owned by Mike Martin. A lumberjack or oil guy or something – a man of very few words!The bikes are waiting for us at Northern Powersports in Fairbanks where Jody Littell has been a great help so far.

We ordered the following parts for the bikes

For the Suzuki



It’s been a lot of work though. Finding the bikes, communicating with the sellers, getting the bikes to Northern Powersports, wiring money, trusting all parties to be fair, ordering relevant parts. And everything from the other side of the world. We never saw the bikes or the people handling it, so it’s gonna be real exiting to get over there and see it for real.

So what have we packed? In my case it’s much more easy to ask – what have not packed!? I have a huge pile here on the floor, that’s supposed to go on my little bike. Not possible. I’ll have to go over it again and again till I make it. Urgh! Not easy. My bike is gonna be pack-muled!

Here’s a list of the stuff packed so far.

  • O’neal bike pants
  • Super Shield Armour
  • Madhead knee protection
  • Alpinestar shirt
  • Held summer gloves
  • Rev’it Off track endure jacket and pants
  • Buff
  • Ski underwear + ski socks
  • Wollen top
  • Probiker winter gloves
  • Hein Gericke rain suit
  • Camelbag
  • Sleeping bag
  • Camping towel
  • Sneakers, hiking shoes, sandals
  • Arai tour X3 Helmet
  • Great Basin Saddlebag from Giant Loop
  • Fandango Tank Bag from Giant Loop
  • Base Camp duffel bag from North face
  • PMW strings
  • Camping knife + Swiss knife
  • First aid box
  • Compass
  • Address list

Will make a final detailed list including tools and stuff when we get a little closer. Need to get rid of some clothe in order to make room for tools! (:

On Saturday we will pack our DK bikes and go for a little test ride – and we will be meeting up with people at the PH. Caféen at Halmtorvet in Copenhagen for a little goodbye session.

Am I gonna miss Roller Derby? Hell yeah! My heart is crying already. But, there’s help! When we arrive in Anchorage, we will in fact meet up with Barracuda Barbie from Rage City Rollergirls. How frickin’ awesome is that!?? In Fairbanks we will hook up with Bad Lady from Faribanks Rollergirls.

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2 Responses

  1. Henriette says:

    Hi Enola. Thanks a lot for checking in with us. We have still not uploaded the pictures from the 4th of July, but will do soon.

    The trip to Prudhoe was great but soooo long 🙂

    We just arrived at Whitehorse and stopped for some wifi. Beautiful trip over here. Lots of moose and today we saw 2 bears.

    Thanks for your blessing. So far we feel very blessed. So many nice people stop and talk to us, the roads are fantastic and the weather is beautiful!

    Hope you get to ride a lot this summer.

    Hugs from Lars & Henriette

  2. Enola Bowers says:

    Hi!! I met you two in North Pole, Alaska at the parade. You had stopped by to look at the bikes and we struck up a conversation. I hope all is going well with you both and your trip, how exciting!! God Bless, will check back soon to see how things are going ;).