Hard hitting ladies in Montana

Billings Roller Derby Dames was hosting a bout against Electric City Roller Grrrls from Great Falls, Montana on Saturday August 27th. I convinced Lars that we had to stay 3 days on Billings and take part of this event.

I had been in contact with Scary Keri (Keri Wilson) beforehand, and I had asked her, if they needed a hand with practical stuff before the bout. She was happy to have me help out.

So on Lars went off to see the Little Big Horn Battlefield near Billings and I went off to hang out with Derby girls. Lars would be back in time for the first whistle.

The bout was held in the Al Bedoo Shrine Auditorium – a nice sports court with wooden floor and tribunes.

I arrived in the morning when the NSO’s (Non Skating Officials) were setting up the track for the game. It didn’t seem they needed much help though. They were very organized and had everything under control and all seemed very relaxed..

Ready for action!

Meet the home team: Billings roller Derby Dames, Billings Montana.

Meet the visitors: Electric City Roller Grrrls, Great Falls, Montana.

Big crowd.

As before every American sports event there’s a lovely lady singing the National Anthem while a skater carries the American flag around the track. Everybody stands up and hold their hand to their hearts. This patriotic ritual never ceases to amaze us.

Click here to see the video on YouTube.

This was a special game for the team, since it was Scary Keri’s last game before she retired from Roller Derby after 8 years of skating. It was obvious that this woman and her husband, who was announcing the game, had done a huge effort for the sport in Billings and even for many other teams in the Montana. She wold continue working for the team as coach.

Co-Captain Jam Good Time and Captain Scary Keri, who was retiring from Roller Derby this evening.

The bout was very exciting from the start with high speed and lots of hard hitting. The home team seemed to follow a better strategy, but Electric City never stopped chasing those points and fought hard till the last second. Their jammers were almost working too hard to get points, and often ended up in the penalty box or had even points with no advance. In the end Electric city could not match Billings in terms of overview, strategy and experience.

Final result: 175-130 to the home team.

The bench manager Abra Sheldabra standing to the left did an excellent job at this bout.

The traditional high fives with the crowd.

We enjoyed watching the game and getting to know all these lovely roller derby skaters, reffs and NSO’s.

We spend the night with the Bench Manger Abra Sheldabra and her husband David and their sweet dog Dimi. They live in a house on hill with an amazing view over Billings.


Breakfast at Denny’s with the roller girls.



Thanks Billings Roller Derby Dames for an awesome experience.

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