We’ve put all our pictures on SmugMug. You can see them here



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  1. larshoejberg says:

    Hey Mike
    We have taken the photos with two different cameras. Henriette has a Lumix DMC TS3 – a very nice point and shoot camera. Water, dust and shock proof and it even has a build-in GPS. I’m carrying a Canon G12. A very nice camera as well. Trouble is, when you’re “out there”, that it’s somewhat vulnerable towards the environment. Especially I’m finding it hard to protect it from dust, which gets into everywhere. The result is that you risk damaging the lense – if that happens, it’s game over.
    I think the pictures have turned out quite well, but for a future trip I think I’d go for a solution with a good DSLR as my primary camera and a Lumix or similar for the shots when you’re on the move

  2. Mike says:

    Hey Guys,

    Loved the RR on ADV….I was wondering what kind of a camera you used to take your photos. They are fantastic. Thanks.


  3. Henriette says:

    Hi Dan. Glad to hear you made it to la Paz.
    We had some rough days in the Bolivian dessert and crossing into Chili due to mud and no petrol. Today we made it to Antofagasta in Chile. Hope to be in Copiapo tomorrow.
    Awesome meeting you!
    Lars & Henriette

  4. dan says:

    hey guys
    hope youve started on your way to the dakar
    all the best
    i made it to la paz without the bike falling apart in two
    take care and talk to you soon


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