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41 years old – feel much younger, behave much younger, look…..nah….let’s not get into that! I am an energetic, smiling, easy going woman with a constant urge to try new an exiting stuff. I like action and being outdoors, but I also enjoy a deep conversation and reading a good book.I was born and raised in Esbjerg, Denmark but lived in Copenhagen since 1990 and consider Copenhagen my home.

In Denmark I have a 2003 BMW F650GS and a 1980 Yamaha DT 250. Both bikes are old army bikes.

I do not like conventional touristy stuff. I can understand that some people enjoy popular tourist attractions such as Vegas and Disneyland but it’s not likely that you will meet me there. I prefer to get off the beaten track and get a bit of dirt under my nails.

I work for IKEA and love the IKEA culture. The flat organization, the respect for people, the constant desire to change, the “think different philosophy”, the vision. It’s a good place to spend 38 hours of my week.

Normally I enjoy mountain-biking, snowboarding, squash and motorcycling, but everything except motorcycling had to give way to my biggest passion: Roller Derby. I am one of the co-founder of Copenhagen Roller Derby and we have managed to build a large team with powerful women and cool men (referees).

Motorcycling is freedom for me. I love the fact that you use your whole body when you ride a bike. You are extremely flexible and agile on a motorbike, the acceleration is breathtaking and the cold wind, rain or heat makes you feel that you are alive. I like being in control, and driving a motorbike makes me feel very powerful. Going off road multiplies that feeling. Going up a steep hill or riding along a difficult gravel road is adrenalin, fun and excitement.

I don’t like to be a spectator to life. Motorcycling makes me feel I’m living.


43 years old – born in Germany but have lived in Denmark all my life. I live in Copenhagen (Bagsvaerd) and work with IT-Governance in Novo Nordisk A/S as a project- and portfolio manager.

Motorcycles are my big passion. Unfortunately I live in a country where the price level on all motorized vehicles is enormous, due to a 180% tax. If it hadn’t been the case, I’ve probably would have a lot more than is the case. For daily transportation I have a 2003 Honda XRV 750 – “Africa Twin” . Besides the “AT” I also have a 2004 Honda CBR 1100 XX – this bike however I’m selling since I’m much more into the Dual Sport riding now.

I also love the outdoors. As a kid I was in the boy scouts. Later on, I joined the Army (Royal Danish Guards) where I’ve spend 15 years in the army reserve.

For some unknown reason I’ve always been attracted by the idea of living in either Canada or Alaska. Somewhere out in the wild in a big log house. Not that I don’t like having people around me – on the contrary – my hopes for this trip is to meet as many people a possible.

I’ve always been interested in different cultures. In 2006 I had the opportunity to work in China for almost a year. I had a great time and would like to go again if I get the chance.

Networking is another big interest of mine. You’ll be able to find me on a lot of the different soc.networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Feel free to send me an invite.


Together we are a pretty odd couple, who supplement each other where each of us have shortcomings.

Wanna get in touch, please write us a comment here on one of our posts.

Enjoy our epic journey movie trailer 😉



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  1. Max Jewell says:

    Hey Lars and Henriette!
    How are you guys and how’s the adventure going? I love the set up of your blog, I’ll have to skim it all over today.

    Listen I’m setting up to sell my KTM, possibly to a local in Buenos Aries, but am having some trouble finding a way to do it with out causing a legal hassle for myself in Argentina. Have you guys had any luck selling your bikes? I forwarded your blog to a couple looking for two travel bikes.

    And just out of curiosity, chat are you asking for the KLR. I’d love to hear from you guys, hope your having a blast where ever you are. Cheers!

  2. larshoejberg says:

    Hey Jim
    Nice to hear from you – hope everything is well and that the KTM is behaving 😉
    We’re enjoying the last couple of days here in Buenos Aires. We’ll fly home on sunday and then it’s back to work 😮

    Regarding the KLR – I sold it 4 days ago to an old (72 years) gentleman from Azul (300 km south of BA)
    You’re right about the sales though. It’s pretty tough because of the import rules.
    If you’re close to the Chilean boarder, I’d recommend you try your luck in either Punta Arenas or Iquique. These cities are supposed to have special tax rules, which is why it should be possible – totally legal – to sell the bikes there.
    Alternatively it’ll be easiest in south (Patagonia) Argentina. There’ll still be an issue (not legal) in relation to the paperwork, but the possibilities are bigger here, because a lot of farmers apparently just use them on their property and therefor don’t have any problems regarding registration.
    But they’re tough negotiators so don’t expect to get to much for it. AND! they all know each other somehow (from Punta Arena in the south to Rio Gallegos further nort), so be careful what and to whom you communicate an offer.
    When it comes to leaving Argentina without the bikes – I’m not concerned. But we’ll see how it goes on sunday 😉

    Let me know how it goes and let’s stay in touch.
    All the best. /Lars

  3. Jim Jewell says:

    Hi guys,
    Just wondering where you are now. How is the bike sale going. Max is trying to sell the KTM but it seems impossible to do in Argentina. We are in the western Patagonia and loving it! Lots of camping and gravel roads. Drop me a line.

  4. larshoejberg says:

    Haha! Thanks a lot Leslie. I still need to write the last few posts, but there’s so much to do and see in Buenos Aires that I can’t get to it! 🙂

  5. larshoejberg says:

    Pollo – is that you?
    We’re in Buenos Aires (Boedo) right now. We’ll spend the remaining 2 weeks of our journey in and around BA and relax a bit before we return to Denmark.

  6. Henriette says:

    Mauro! Fantastic to meet you and your lovely friends. Best food we have had in Argentina! We are super proud over our Mate T-shirts! Can’t wait to wear it in BA! 🙂 Big hugs from Lars & Henriette

  7. mauro says:

    lorenzo & henrieta…..simplemente; guaaaau!
    realmente increíble haberlos cruzados!
    saludos grandes.

  8. larshoejberg says:

    Tak Mor. Det blev en “stille og rolig” dag, med 700 km kørsel fra Caleta Olivia til Rio Gallegos.
    Det var ny rekord på denne tur. Det var også lidt en prøvelse, da vi aldrig tidligere har prøvet at køre så langt på én MC.
    Vi landede i Ushuaia – slut destinationen – den 29.1.
    Nu er vi så på vej tilbage igen og forventer at ankomme i Buenos Aires om godt 2 ugers tid.

  9. mor/svigermor says:

    Hip hurra og et stort TIL LYKKE 😉 Håber du får en god dag.
    Hygge og knus 🙂 – og fortsat mange gode oplevelser.

  10. larshoejberg says:

    Hi Martin
    With plesure – we’ve done quite a lot of research on the internet as well. I’m looking forward to have a more thorough look at you website and hope to be able to contribute with our experiences to the overland travellers community.
    BR. Lars

  11. Hey Henriette & Lars

    Looks like you have had a great trip so far!

    We have just set up overlandsphere.com, and we’re wondering if we could add your RSS feed to the site,

    The site is designed to be a research tool for overlanders (Motorbike, 4×4, Truck, 2wd) archiving past and current blogs. We hope it will become a great resource for overlanders going forward,

    If you have time have at look at OverlandSphere.com, if you’re happy for us to add you just let us know or sign us here: http://overlandsphere.com/registerrss

    Safe travels

    Martin & Nicole

  12. Henriette says:

    Yes, it’s really bad and yes, it was Sunday in Ruta 40, they knew very well we didn’t have any other option. I was out there waiting in the sun while Lars tried to find an option in town. And he didn’t want to let me wait too many hours. – Which was good, I got too much sun anyways. I think the guys felt bad afterwards when they got to know us, cause they spent all day with us, helped us find a place to stay at night, fixed Lars’ chain and invited us for dinner in the evening. They are super nice and all, but damn $500!!!!

  13. chris says:

    Too Cool!!!
    You are bringing the desire back into me to go back to Central America and Colombia!
    Rock On you two!
    RIDE ON!!

  14. Henriette says:

    Thanks Tyler.
    We are on 21.000 miles now and we are in Copiapo in Chile. We expect to do about 30.000 miles in total.
    Sound like a good plan! Keep us updated.

  15. Tyler Riggs says:

    I loved your RR on ADVRider. The website is great, too. I have a question, though –do you happen to know what your total mileage was?

    Thanks for the inspiration! I’m trying to do the same trip at the end of 2012! (I’m from Washington State)

    (feel free to find me on facebook. I’m all for networking. I provided the address)

  16. Henriette says:

    Hi Ray. So glad to hear that the motor is on it’s way. Hope customs will not give you too much trouble. Are you back in Lima or still in Cuzco.
    We are in Potosi, Bolivia. Arrived very late in the rain after a long day in the mountains. Most of the petrol stations were out of petrol or closed and my bike only went 120 miles on a tank! Really bad. We have been buying petrol from small street vendors and wonder what they put in that stuff!
    We are heading for Uyuni tomorrow, but apparently it’s wet right now, so we don’t know it we can go.
    Good luck Ray. We’ll keep checking your website for the latest news.

  17. Ray says:

    Hi Henrietta and Lars.

    Where are you at the moment? I am still stuck in Lima. My new engine will arrive on Monday. No clue how many days it will take to get it out of the customs…

    Keep on rocking


  18. Henriette says:

    Hi Robson. It would be really cool to meet you! We will probably be in Cusco for Christmas, so we might see you south of Cusco.
    Will you make a RR on ADV or somewhere else that we can follow?
    Safe travels.

  19. Robson Ramos says:

    Hi, I’m from Brazil, and I’ll go to Alaska on december 25th and I hope to find you guys.
    December 31, I’ll stay in Cusco – Peru, and after New Year I go up…

    Good travel.


  20. Henriette says:

    Hi Fercho. Really nice meeting you. It was a very cool bike convention 🙂
    Thanks for the bike shop addresses.
    You blog is very interesting and your pictures are awesome. I look forward to reading it all.
    Take care. And please come and visit in DK 🙂

  21. fercho says:

    Hey pals i am fercho KLR 650, we had our “americas non conventional riders convention” in Quito sharing in the coffe shop jajja…..its inspiring to see people hungry of adventure in this comfy world….i posted my blog it might be useful or fancy to check during your journey, good ride an please safe and sound always

  22. Henriette says:

    Hola Romeo
    Muchas gracias por visitar nuestra página web. Es genial que nos escriba un mensaje.
    Estamos disfrutando de visitar nuestra tienda. Sobre todo las sonrisas y el delicioso pastel 🙂
    Estamos en San Miguel en El Salvador. Ayer Lars tiene un problema mecánico con la Kawasaki y él está tratando de resolver esta mañana. Queríamos cruzar la frontera a Honduras hoy, pero no sé todavía si es posible.
    Muchos saludos.
    Lars y Henriette

  23. ROMEO ZECEÑA says:


  24. larshoejberg says:

    Hi Ross. Glad you enjoy the blog 🙂
    Too bad we didn’t get a chance to meet in Moab.
    Yes, my camera is the DMC-TS3. Lars has Canon G12. The pictures on the website are from both camera.
    Mine is awesome for taking pictures while we ride. It’s small, so I can fit my chest pocket and don’t have to worry about rain or dust. Brilliant really. I put a cord in it that I have round my neck.
    I’ll send you an email, so we can discuss more there.

  25. Ross says:

    Henriette- I’ve admired your pictures and monologue. I am planning a South America trip next year. Your camera looks to be a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS3 GPS, the same model I’ve been considering. If so I would love to discuss it with you off list. RKRice10@gmail.com I’m from Moab but was out of town most of the time you were here. I could have been a lot of help but that is little comfort now. Wildlife reacts well to a steady blast of your horn, if your horn is up to a blast. Most OEM horns are not. Oh well, may the rest of your trip be memorable but uneventful.


  26. Henriette says:

    Hi Christian.
    Uh, does sound a bit cold! Hopefully Vegas will be nice and warm. How long have you been on the road in total then? And are you still enjoying the ride?

    We go from super hot to nice and warm as we zigzag from the coast up in th mountains. Just arrived in San Cristobal De La Casas up in the mountains and it’s just beautiful. Nice and warm during the day and a bit chilly at night. What more can you ask for.

    Tomorrow we will head for Guatamala. It’s very exciting to enter central America. Gonna be a new chapter on the journey. Mexico has been absolutely phenomenal. We had only good experiences and could spend much more time here.

    Take care.


  27. Chris says:

    Hey Henriette and Lars

    I’m currently in Cameron, Arizona. Not too far from Mexico, but that’s not my goal as you know. Well, everythings pretty fine so far. I could wish for some warmer temperatures, but at the elevation the colorado plateau has I don’t expect anything else in November.
    Just rode from one National Park to another. Next is Grand Canyon before I’m headed towards Vegas and then northwest to San Francisco.

    I often follow your entries on facebook and hope you’re doing well!
    just a lot of good luck with your bikes and lots of nice people on your way!

  28. Henriette says:

    Hej Sus! Super dejligt at hoere fra Jer.
    Uh, ny uddannelse lyder spaendende, men bestemt ogsaa haardt. – Synes altid du klemmer ballerne sammen soes! Du er for sej. God fornoejelse – eller held og lykke – eller gi den gas! 🙂
    Ja, jeg kender ham heller ikke igen laengere. Han ligner en hippie – eller en fysik laerer – eller bare en beskidt rejsende og det er jo faktisk lige det han er 😀 Han har taenkt sig at lade alt gro i de 8 maeneder vi er vaek. Det kan godt gaa hen og blive lidt stygt!
    Tak for positiv medvind.

  29. Sanne says:

    Hej I 2.

    Hold op nogle dejlige og helt unikke billeder I har på siden. Jeg tænker meget på jer og håber I får optimal udbytte af jeres fantastiske rejse. Vi savner jer i DK og glæder os selvfølgelig til at se jer igen. I skal lige vide, at Mia og jeg er ved at flytte til Holmegade 11, 1sal. 6990 Ulfborg. Jeg er gået i gang med lærerstudierne på merit, netbaseret, så vi skal stramme ballerne sammen :-)). Det er meget spændende at følge jer, rigtig godt med jeres web site!! Vi måler tiden, I har været væk, på Lars’ skæg he he. Ser kanon godt ud, men absolut ikke til at kende :-)). Mange tusinde knus og hilsner fra os i DK (Ulfborg), en fortsat dejlig tur til jer og tonsvis af positiv “medvind på hovedvejen” Sanne.

  30. Henriette says:

    Hi Richard.
    Glad the patches worked. I was a bit nervous that the cans would leak in your bag and do major damage.
    I’m sure Denis has a ball at the HU meeting. Wonder if he met our good friend Alisa Clickenger. She did a speech about her travels.

  31. Henriette says:

    Hi Jayne. Uh, we would have loved that! Love the Rose City Roller Derby team!
    Your motorcycle is just beautiful – in fact Lars has the same model back home in Denmark. He wanted to bring it for the trip, but the costs for shipping it to Alaska was so high, that he decided to buy a KLR. And it’s a bit easier to get parts for the KLR over here.
    Love your website – you certainly have put some miles on your bikes!
    Hope to meet you one day.

  32. Terribly bummed to only be finding out about you now – I would have enticed you to Central Oregon, to go to see the Rose City Roller Derby team, to visit us in Canby, and then go to Crater Lake and then stay with the famous Eric and Gail, the first couple to cross Russia by motorcycle (back in the 1990s), who welcome all long distance motorcycle travelers such as yourself to their home.

    Deer. Ugh. I have had only one close encounter, and was just one second away from having your same experience. Ugh! Really glad your bikes were repairable and that you are okay. Moab was a good place to be stranded, truly.

    Stay safe, and Stefan (http://www.coyotetrips.de) and I will be watching you from afar – we hope to do a very similar route in the next few years.

  33. Hello Henriette and Hello Lars!
    Thanks for the glue and the patches, it works great, I fixed my saddle bag, I recommend it!
    Our trip (www.tinyurl.com/tat2011) is on hold for a while, tbd…, I have to take care of family stuff, and it takes me longer than I had anticipated. Oh well, I believe that’s what dads are for.
    Denis spent the weekend in CA at the Horizon unlimited meeting (I wish I’d been with him) refer at:
    He is now touring throug CA, and meeting some ADV riders friends in the area.
    I hope you have a good time, ride safe,

  34. mor/svigermor says:

    Hej I 2 🙂
    Glad for at læse at I er “on the road again”.
    Fortsat god tur – og pas på hinanden.

  35. Henriette says:

    Hi Lee.
    Thanks for stopping by! I’m glad you like the website.
    It was fun meeting all you Rawhyde guys in Moab.
    Yes, Roller Derby certainly gives you super strong legs + I’m too fat – which by the way is a huge advantage when I wanna knock the opponents of the track 😀 Check out this heavy duty lady (#40) knocking out the jammer : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1uVC0VlqwY
    Getting out of shape on this trip though! Too much sitting still! (:
    We are in Moctezuma in Mexico now. A nice little town, with a huge wedding party tonight.
    Tomorrow we are heading for the Gulf and some beach camping and fishing. Can’t wait!
    It was very nice meeting you Lee. Hope you get on the road soon again.

  36. Henriette says:

    Oh, it’s we who are grateful. It was an amazing experience that you came up to us and we ended staying at your place, and get to know you. Thanks for taking us around town and cooking awesome breakfast. We really enjoyed it all!
    Thanks for the map – we would have been lost without it. No maps anywhere. Well Wal-Mart had one that was very small and only with major roads.
    Awesome that you came along in the ziplock. I better let you out, must bee 110 degrees in there after that ride today!
    We are in Moctezuma in a nice little motel. Wedding in town, so everybody’s out and music everywhere. Our first time in Mexico and we love it already!
    Border crossing went fine. About 2 hours and we were good to go.
    Camping on a beach in San Carlos tomorrow. Can’t wait to throw my fishing line in the ocean 🙂
    Hope to see you guys again. If you or any of you friends ever come to Copenhagen, please come and stay.
    Hugs. Lars & Henriette

  37. Dawn Hobson says:

    Thanks for stopping over in Bisbee, AZ before crossing the border into Mexico this morning. We enjoyed sharing stories and hope you don’t mind but Kurt and I jumped into the ZipLock bag we gave you if only to ride along for a little while. I hope your next tent site is on a sandy beach along the Sea of Cortez!

  38. Lee Chamberlain says:

    Henrietta; I finally took the time to punch in your web address you gave me from the card I received from you in the Yamaha shop in Moab. I witnessed you receive the check from the insurance agent and later saw you again at the Rawhyde dinner and awards ceremonies. I remember you telling me that I should check out your story as you said it was a good work. Just wanted you and Lar to know that I am impressed, It is a very good work and you two are having an adventure of a life time. Congratulations. Also, If I may add, it solved the puzzle I had in my mind about your unique stature. It was very evident to me you were very fit and had a very powerful lower body. I could not quite figure out where or what sport you may have done to develop such a physique and had that question in the back of my mind. In reading your post I finally understand Roller Derby is obviously a major contributor and in my assesment of physical matches to sports, fits you perfectly . Good On You. You are beautiful person and It was very good to meet you. I wish you both a continued safe, happy and memorable journey.. God Bless you ….Sincerely, Lee Chamberlain

  39. Henriette says:

    Thanks Dahveed.
    Just read your post on ADV about your similar accident. “Nearly healed”!!!! Doesn’t sound good at all.

    I’m glad we were both able to walk away from our stunt.

    We finally got out of Moab today. I got my bike Friday and went off with Cynthia and Tom from the ADV forum and did some awesome dirt roads. Lars got his final part today. Yay! So now we are in Flagstaff heading for Mayer tomorrow, then Tuscon and the border.

    Hope you are back on both wheels soon!

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