Real-life Forrest Gump

Riding from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego you are bound to bump into some pretty crazy people. Some people have given up their normal life, sold everything and travel for years with no income other than what they can earn on the way. Others ride a push-bike all the way through the 2 continents. One guy was literally living on a shoe-string hitch-hiking around South America with no money. We even heard of 3 guys who skateboard around the world! They recently skated from Cusco in Peru to Santiago in Chile through the Atacama desert!

But today going north on Ruta 3 in Patagonia we had an experience that beat them all. About 30 km south of Caleta Olivia we saw a large RV parked on the side of the road. We noticed large stickers saying “Pole to Pole Run” on it. A few miles later we saw a guy running on the side of the road. We turned around waved and gave him thumbs up and rode back to the support vehicle.

The guy running was Pat Farmer from Australia on his last weeks of completing his North pole to the South pole run!!! He runs 2 marathons a day in average with NO days off, and he even crossed the Darien Gap by foot! Something very few people have done by any means.

He started the journey in April 2011 and expect to finalize by March this year. His mission is to raise $100 million to Red Cross.

Pat Farmer is a multiple world record holder for endurance running and has an incredible track record raising millions of dollars during his many years of running.

His support crew Katie and Javier would drive ahead 5-10 km, giving him something to aim for. Katie from Australia was responsible for his energy intake and general health as well as communication on all social medias. Javier from Mexico has been with the crew since they entered Latin America and was in charge of logistics throughout the journey, which must have been a huge challenge. At different times there would be different people in the support crew. When we met them, their camera man was away doing another job and would return later on. Often they would run with him to support and motivate him.

Katie running towards Pat with water.

Pat chatted with us for a while, but couldn’t stay too long. He still had 30 km to run that day! (:

Katie and Javier told us that Pat was the most dedicated person they had ever met. If anyone told him “you can’t do this” for sure he would do it.

Everybody of course had told him he couldn’t cross the Darien Gap. But he didn’t care. He was going to do it with or without support from Red Cross and the Panamanian and Colombian governments. It became very political and it wasn´t until the day before his entry into the jungle, that the Panamanian government agreed to send a squad of armed soldiers to join and protect him and his camera man.

Check out this Youtube video about his experience running through Peru


Check out his website and his cause. Just amazing! And if you can, please support his cause.


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  2. larshoejberg says:

    Ja, det er næsten ikke til at fatte at det overhovedet er muligt. Jeg kan ikke få ind i mit hoved at han har gjort det uden at holde en eneste pause i næsten 1 år.

  3. Kurt Towler says:

    Very cool…some people are truly amazing.

    Also, can I just say that you guys look totally at home on the road like this. Lars just has this ‘cool’ look like everything is just fine. Thanks for all the great posts.