The Italian-Norwegian Bladeslinging Roller Viking

Mindy, Bladeslinger, Juliana from Fairbanks Rollergirls invited us to come and stay with her and her big dog Thor in her beautiful log house.

Mindy is 100% Italian, born in Florida and believes she was a Norwegian Viking in a former life – and she’s not kidding. She travelled around Norway and actually speaks Norwegian really well. She has even been to Svalbard!

Mindy’s log house is amazing. It’s in the hilly woods North of Fairbanks. She grows her own food in the Garden and she had the freezer filled with meet from her latest moose hunt and Halibut fishing adventure. She had prepared an amazing dinner for us and fixed up a nice bed with Caribou hides. She even gave me 3 birthday presents: a large bag of her home dried special the mix, a book “Ghostrider” by Neil Peart and finally a beautiful wolfs paw that is now sitting on my shoulder protecting me on the roads.

Mindy is an amazing woman and we hope to be able to repay her hospitality one day in Denmark.

Mindy gave me a lovely Derbymonies Interview. It will be online very soon.

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