Derby love in Alaska

Dragging your 200 kilo luggage around without any means of transportation sucks! So having a date with Kick-ass Derby lady Barracuda Barbie, who picks you up in kick-ass Mercedes SUV rocks 100%. Barracuda Barbie is a fun, energetic, sweet, clever, good looking, mother of 3 big buys, total control of her life and herself type of woman. And in her last bout she got the MOST VALUABLE PLAYER  award! In other words a total superwoman.

Barbie took us for a nice ride along the New Seward Hwy and we talked about Derby, then some Derby and a little more Derby. Poor Lars!

Barbie works as a doctor, has a huge house, an even bigger car, 3 boys, and a dog. I think she might be a special vampire species that doesn’t get hurt by daylight. She works at day, does Derby and family in the evening and then cleans, does the garden and walks the dog at night. Or she’s on some kind of special drug that I really wana get my hands on.

Barbie has a passion for Derby, rubber boots, weird Alaskan hats and log houses.

Doggie “Slash” is happy for the company!


Barbie and her son A.G. was going to Fairbanks for 4th of July celebrations wit her family, so she gave us a lift up there. The bikes are not ready before Tuesday next week, but we figured going with Barbie would be good fun.

Barbie gets the following score:

Sweet and hospitable host: 5
Nice hats: 5
Peanut butter sandwich: 5
Bed in super cool hard metal boys room: 5
Derby spirit: 5

Trip road trip to Fairbanks was beautiful. Alaska is just as remote as expected with roads that just goes on forever.
The 7 hour ride to Fairbanks gave Barbie and I a chance to desiccate every aspect of Derby. Discuss training methods, strategies, the quality of reffs, team values and much more. And once again I must admit that being Lars cannot be easy. If he talked about football as much as I talk Derby I would go crazy!

Stopped on the way to see Mount McKinley (or Denali). The highest mountain in Alaska and in North America with its 20.320 feet/6.194 m. We saw a nice fat cloud where the mountain was supposed to be. But thanks heaven for google – here’s a pic of the big MF.

On the way we stopped at Monderosa Bar & Grill at Nenana for that first big MF burger meal in Alaska.

Service: 5
Burger: 5
Fries: 5
Company (Barbie & A.G.): 5

In Fairbanks Barbie gave us the grand tour of the city. It took er about 30 seconds! This is not a metropolis! But the amount of big ass pick-up trucks is amazing!

And we went out to see a piece of the trans-Alaska oil pipeline. A pretty impressive and scary big fat metal pipe that runs 1300 km straight through the state of Alaska. And this is a place with permafrost, earthquakes, forest fires and people who are allowed to carry guns (also to the bar). Fascinating and scary!


Finally we went for a drink by the river and enjoyed the midnight sun. This picture s taken a 11 pm.

Barbie accepted to be my first victim/subject to a trans American Derby documentary. I’m searching for the Derby soul and hoping to find it on my way through this great continent of Derby.

Meanwhile in Copenhagen, Denmark, the city of Derby is sending the loveliest greetings and doing it’s best to make me miss it really bad

Chilibabe, Payback- Princess, and Tina from their best angle!  And enjoy the movie

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3 Responses

  1. mark says:

    “once again I must admit that being Lars cannot be easy”

    This we know. :o)

    Kudos to you both, wish I was there with you. Watch out for them bears now, y’all hear?

  2. Marianne Thiim says:

    Wow, fantastisk natur!

    I nåede lige hjemmefra inden himlen åbnede sig. Vand overalt!